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believe in me

who believes in you

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I am a 27 year old graphic art student minoring in early education.
I love art, drawing painting etc.
I love to Cosplay and go to anime cons.
Love voice acting and voice actors.
Anime is a obsession of mine makes me happy.
I adore the Victorian Era and they way men and women dressed. Even up to the early 40s men still had style.
I am an artist


OVA????RELOAD -burial-?????

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Made by: sardonyx_78

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Koumyou Sanzo is crazy old man love

dunno who made it but omg I love you for it!^^

Tamaki is princely love.

Ukitate is kind!love

Kyouraku is mellow!love

Byakuya is cold!love

Conrad is Love.

Kougaiji/Yaone is love.

? Saiyuki is Love ?

? Sanzo is Love ?

? Hakkai is Love ?

? Saiyuki is Love ?

? Gojyo is Love ?

? Goku is Love ?

Okita Souji is deadlylove

I was stamped.. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
at fma_mirror

****Thank you to all the people who created the wonderful Icons im using. I really appreciate it.***